Information Technology could be considered as the lifeblood of the business in today’s highly competitive environment. With passage of time, the overall complexity in the field of IT has increased. The software and hardware have become highly sophisticated and require proper support (and care) in order to ensure that these components are used most optimally for achieving organizational goals. Allience Technologies provides complete IT support services by addressing specific issues with a line of product or services.

The expectation levels in the field of IT have increased consistently with advancement in the sector. Small and medium sized businesses could not afford specialized in-house IT teams which could provide them with the requisite solutions, whenever required. Allience Technologies in such a case prove to be an economical option that provides complete support to the employees, helps in data protection, and ensures complete support and security of the data.




Our experts assist the clients in to resolve any technical issues that might arise in course of their business...

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The dedicated team for providing IT support to the clients help in reducing the downtime considerably...

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Our expert team helps the organizations in the development of IT infrastructure that malicious....

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At times, the clients might be interested in knowing the exact shortcomings in their internal networks...

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The expert team manages a number of service desks. This process is managed by taking assistance of Case Management Auto-ticketing system specially designed for various enterprises. Our infrastructure helps in designing and management of service desks and ensures that the desks are aligned with business activities. The service desks assure that the issues are resolved at a faster pace, thereby helping the clients in attaining the business goals. The experts are available around the clock to understand the troubles, and accordingly come up with specific solutions for the issues.

Why Us

Highly trained and experienced team that provides complete support to the clients

Better and enhanced user experience for the customers

Constant updates to the customers by proper communication channels.

We provide customized solutions specifically meant to address organizational issues.

We provide integrated designs and solutions to the clients.

The team understands business goals and importance of providing quick solutions to the clients.

Our expertise includes working on various domains and operating systems.

Allience Technologies follow only the best practices in provision of IT solutions namely: ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 20000-1:2011.